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Desktop IT support

Our clients demand, and we deliver, a reliable, effective and quick response to their issues.  Every business is different and therefore your requirements will be different from our existing clients.  We do not burden you with a standard offering that only meets some of your needs. We have no points system where you cannot budget your costs nor do we have a bronze, silver or gold level of service. Every client has a level of service that is designed to meet their exact requirements with flexibility to change as you change.

Our support is delivered by trained engineers by telephone, remote access and on site. Support is available on a 24/7 basis.

Server monitoring

Our Server administration offers services such as: routine user as well as group admin, setting up individual home directories and shares, configuring printers, sending messages to users, start/stop a service or a process and change properties. Most of the jobs are performed remotely between computers using a secure remote control offered by SAAZ.

Our tools can scour your server to determine what is and what is not present We can figure out what Operating system, hot-fixes, and applications the system has; what kind of processor, the amount of memory, how big is the hard drive the type of monitor, keyboard and a whole slew of greater esoteric items like network IP addresses, ports, protocols and adapter configurations, Shares, users names, group configurations etc.

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Content systems

This website is about some of the aspects of IT (Information Technology) and skills involving the internet.

Content Management

A Content Management System is software, often a database application, that will make it easy to create and maintain websites and manage all publishing formats associated with the World Wide Web.

Some basic features are common to all CMS's:

Separation of content, structure and design - the division of these "dimensions" of any website bring about many decisive advantages throughout the lifecycle of a website - and, in fact, even beyond that.

The design can be crafted, extended or even completely relaunched, without having to extract and reinsert, let alone recreate the previously existing content.

By offering a graphical user interface, or a frontend alternative, content creators can write text, insert images and multimedia formats, schedule contents and much more to maintain and build a dynamic website.

This is especially the case if you can take advantage of TYPO3's server-side graphics generation for making navigation items, graphical headlines, etc.

Just imagine: you'll never make another button again, or have a web-wizard do it for you, just because a navigation category has been renamed. No training of photo editing software will be required ever again. The image goes straight to the web from your digital camera / DV-Camera or a scanner.

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